Foxy Front Cover

Join Foxy and Lin on an adventure of the heart and spirit.

If an unwanted child or an abandoned dog has ever tugged at your heart, you’ll want to meet Foxy and Lin and share their journey.

Foxy Comes Home is a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book centered around a child who was adopted from a faraway land and a lost and neglected dog searching for a best friend.

The small dog becomes lost during a frightening thunderstorm and takes refuge at Willowbrook Farm, where the Campbells take her in and attempt, without success, to locate her family. The Campbells provide Foxy with the necessities of life, but they have so many responsibilities on the farm that they don’t have time to give Foxy the love and attention she so clearly needs. Foxy sleeps alone in the barn at night, while two bad-tempered felines enjoy the comfort and camaraderie of the farmhouse. Foxy’s efforts to befriend the other farm animals fall flat too.

Then one day Mr. Wallace and his adopted daughter Lin visit Willowbrook Farm.   Lin soon discovers that she and the little dog have a lot in common, and Lin is inspired to share the joy of acceptance and belonging with Foxy.


Foxy Comes Home is now on the shelves at the Boulder Book Store, on the Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder.  You also can find Foxy at www.amazon.com and select local retail stores.

Foxy Comes Home is published by Andariego Books, a private publishing house.  Andariego Books can be contacted at 700 Cascade Avenue, Boulder  CO  80302, or by phone at 303.359.4244.


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